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What is bullet journaling & why is this version the best?

Bullet journaling is a very popular next-level diary which each person artistically sets up with monthly themes to include pages on  goals, reflections, affirmations, habit trackers and more. Not only is bullet journaling  fun, calming and inspiring, it can actually help change our mindset to create the life we want despite what we are going through. 

Although so many people love to bullet journal, many start out strong but don’t get past a few months.  This is usually because it takes a lot of time, dedication and planning to set up each month ahead of time.  Some feel guilty if they miss a month or if they don't get the next month ready on time which can disrupt their momentum. 

This bullet-style journal has beautiful and colourful layouts and themes. You can add your own flair, but the time consuming set up has been done so you can focus on the enjoyment and benefits of using your journal. See it in action below! 

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