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My Story

Nice to meet you! My name is Ella Grant. I am 16 years old and I made this creative journal!

Like many people, I have struggled with anxiety, lack of motivation, overwhelm, sadness, and fear. Many of my struggles came from experiencing terrible attacks of pain in my head which resulted in countless tests and appointments. Eventually, I learned that I had to live with a condition called Chiari Malformation which makes ordinary tasks painful and challenging.

Not wanting my upset and worry about my future to take over, much of my coping was through bullet journaling. It kept me motivated and focused on the positive. I knew many people would benefit from bullet journaling as well, but I was aware that not everyone would have the time or artistic motivation for drawing the spreads and doing the set up.

I wanted everyone to have this empowering experience, so I made a bullet journal with all the artwork set up so anybody can do it.

I know you will find this journal both inspiring and enjoyable and will feel many benefits as you add your part to the artistic and colourful pages in this one of a kind journal

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